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Nov 19, 2005 at 07:34 AM
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Comment by FULFORD78 on 2021-10-17 11:37:53
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Comment by EarleSok on 2022-03-02 04:12:00
I have latex napkins, but if you want, I'll bring a certificate. 
Well, that's great, so agreed! Olya said happily. 
I have long planned to go to St. Petersburg to visit my brother: beautiful architecture, atmospheric places and interesting creative people. I myself am engaged in writing and journalism: I write short articles and stories commissioned by a local publishing house. In general, there is a pretty penny, and I'm not really worried about tomorrow. 
She sighed and began: 
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I'm not used to it so deeply. 
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - Sasha squeezed sweetly out of himself, ceasing to mumble. 
Everything is going well. In my house under construction they gave heating, as Dimka said, running, or something like that ... In general, she took off her fur coat, remaining in a translucent blouse with a deep neckline and a short bright red skirt. The eyes of my proletarian became oily. If some goats hadn't dragged themselves in to check the leaks... By the way, I see some residents are already installing doors with locks. I should have chimed in too. 
Now Vera no longer violated the work schedule. She returned from work at the appointed time. Sometimes, not as often as she would like, she was brought by car by one of the men she knew. She introduced me to him, and they retired to the bedroom. Everything happened as if with my permission, I had no reasons for dissatisfaction. Vera was very pleased with these visits, she simply beamed with pleasure. 
M No, now you're not going anywhere.

Comment by EarleSok on 2022-03-05 08:36:11
I, carefully squeezing my legs so as not to betray my erection, gently kissed her narrow lips. At first we just exchanged short tender kisses, and then she opened her mouth and stuck out the tip of her tongue. I understandingly touched her tongue with my lips and began to suck on it, sometimes grabbing my lower lip. After a couple of minutes, we were sucking with might and main, and my tongue penetrated deep into her mouth. 
Morning. As usual, reluctantly opening my sleepy eyelids, I turned on my side to see what time it was on the cell phone lying by the bed. But as it usually happens in the morning, failures began ... The phone categorically refused to show me what I wanted. "I should have put it on charge yesterday," I thought, and turned back on my back. 
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Listen, I'm such a fool, I screamed so. Probably raised all the neighbors. 
Yes, I like it! Lisa answered boldly. 
Jessica left the room. Kylie stretched sweetly and turned to face me. 
We were good friends with him, he often came to my house and we talked about anything, I can say I was his only friend. And so, a week before the army, he came to me and the conversation turned to girls, he said that almost all of his peers had fun at graduation with girls, and no one even looked at him, and then there was only a week left before the army, and he didn’t even see anyone never kissed. I really felt sorry for him, it was painful to look at such a disappointed guy in himself. And I decided to give him a gift in front of the army, which he will remember for a lifetime. In the evening, when Christina and I went to bed, I spoke to her about my nephew:

Comment by MarilynHon on 2022-03-08 12:37:23
Hello. And Bye.

Comment by EarleSok on 2022-04-06 10:18:30
Therefore, if you share your love with your neighbor, he will share his love with you. This is the path to harmony. And harmony is the highest step and the goal of our life. concluded Jess. 
She is 35 years old. Tall, modest, blonde. That's how half a year her husband left her, And she began to drink. So I often ran to my mother for a drink. I just knew that cognac was often given to my mother at work. A neighbor was often depressed about a divorce from her husband, so she began to drink on this basis. But in appearance in life you can’t say that she thumps. She is very modest, educated, worked as an accountant.  
How so? 
Hermione knew that some girls cast deafness spells on neighboring beds, and now she understood why. She hurried to fix it. “God, what a horror! Hell, they could have heard me... even though I don't even know if I moaned in my sleep. There is something clearly wrong here ... ”, flashed through her head. For a while, Hermione just lay there enjoying the echoes of a strong orgasm and lazily thinking about the reasons for such strange events. The troll from freshman year came to mind pretty quickly, and she decided to test this theory as soon as the curfew was over. In the meantime, she reached for her wand and began to tidy herself and her bed. 
“Husbands fuck their wives themselves, otherwise others will be happy to fuck them,” I, as a wife, know from personal experience. With obscene words, we will end here.

Comment by IshaXaraz on 2022-04-09 18:40:43
What a gorgeous babe! This tanned babe in black nylon stockings is good at sucking amazing beauty with nicely shaped body has gorgeous bubble ass

Comment by EarleSok on 2022-04-16 02:47:25
In the ass, Galya whispered. “Just spit on him.” 
He slowly began to enter my vagina, but after three movements, I wanted him to have me in the ass. With her husband, I was already tired of hinting that I wanted in the ass, but he never agreed. And today I can and everything is allowed. He came out of the vagina and attached himself to the hole. The entrance was without difficulty thanks to the lubrication from the gap, and when the head expanded the entrance, the member followed and entered to the end. He started to fuck me exactly where I wanted. I started moving towards the meeting and he fucked me so cool that I was ready to scream with pleasure. I shuddered from every push, moaning with pleasure and indescribable sensations. 
Himself so himself. 
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After dinner, Olya and I lay down and had marital sex, then walked around the city. In the evening Volodya came in and flogged Olenka naked on our matrimonial bed. She shook him vigorously. “Let’s leave and everything will be forgotten,” I thought, looking at them. The next day, warming was not promised, and we agreed to go to the forest. After breakfast, Volodya was waiting for us with some guy. 
The story begins with the fact that I entered a dating site and fell for a guy who I immediately liked, and after several days of correspondence, we decided to meet and, in general, if we manage to get to know each other in more detail, and maybe ... 
When I approached their house, I heard that Anton was going to go with us. 
The woman hesitated. 
I was already on my way when Alena called me:

Comment by EarleSok on 2022-04-20 03:09:49
Fuck you like a slut? I asked, hearing silence in response. 
I still lay on the bed. When the girls went for a run, I started to get up. Where are my panties? I walked around the room and noticed them near the bed. They lay in the middle of the room a couple of meters from the entrance. Heck! So Jessica definitely couldn't help but notice them. How ashamed I am! What to do? You need to ask her for forgiveness. But stop! What will I tell her? "Jessica, I'm sorry, but last night I fucked your daughter, and in the morning she wanted to continue. But I didn't fuck her, she just sucked me a little. But I promised her that I would definitely fuck her later. Sorry, I won't do that again" ? Somehow not very. But if Jess realized that judging by my underpants on the floor, I wasn't just talking to her daughter at night, why didn't she fly into a rage. She didn't scream or curse. But she just laughed and remained in a good mood. OK. I won't do anything. If she wants to tell me about my inappropriate behavior, I'll just listen to her. And then ... Most likely I will be kicked out of the house, and possibly even out of the country. But there's nothing you can do about it. At least there will be something to remember. 
I opened my mouth wide and dangled next to a huge cock that was in a hurry to get there. The chief once again showed how to work with the remote control and this giant member of the man sitting on the couch, with a swing, ended up in my mouth. I even choked a little, because the dick instantly reached the tonsils. The man groaned in pleasure. It was possible to put me on him without effort. Not only the mouth worked. The whole body moved rhythmically and my boobs swayed to the beat. He held my ears and fucked me easily in the mouth. 
I made up my mind. You have no idea how difficult it was for me to do this, but I have long wanted more. Just walking around the house in women's clothes, impaling yourself on carrots, and finally jacking off your pranks!? It really wasn't enough for me. And so, I made up my mind. 
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After all, you lie, you console, but you yourself think: here is a fat cow. 
There was another man on the other end of the couch. He tried to pretend not to hear the groans and sighs of Laura and her partner. When he saw me, he was very happy. Laura introduced us. The one who managed to get into her panties was called Alexei, the second - Nikolai. 
He took off everything from himself, Ira was without a bra, which he did not immediately notice, and taking off her dress and panties said: 
Listen, I'm such a fool, I screamed so. Probably raised all the neighbors. 
"That's this member I fucking Rita." I began to underradap the member.

Comment by EarleSok on 2022-05-04 01:12:13
“So Slava, first I want to look at you,” she continued after a moment of silence. - Naked, of course. I saw a pornographic film with my father on a disk, but everything is somehow strange there. I want to make sure everything is ok, and I don't want to suck you off from the start. Let's masturbate to each other, - she said seriously, as if the report was telling. 
The most delicious thing I've ever tasted! 
What a news! She came up with all sorts of games, trying to play a funny girlfriend, but in one evening it turned out that their desires are not so coincided and what to do with it, she did not know.  
But the girl lay down next to me and covered herself with the blanket under which I slept. She turned on her side, facing me, and laid her head on my chest. I hugged Kylie. The girl's hair smelled of something sweet and pleasant. She bent one leg at the knee and put it on my legs in such a way that the knee touched my penis a little. And at that time he experienced positive emotions. That is, he got up. After lying in silence for a while, Kylie whispered again. 
Vika climbed on him and it was clear that both of them, in a rage, began to attack Slava and Ira. Glory, as already experienced in this game, knew what to do. They started pushing and falling, pushing again and falling again. 
She walked back into the living room again, and I stood rather stupidly on the threshold of the room. 
After waiting another minute, I abruptly opened the door. Tanya was putting her things on the shelves. I quietly entered the room, but my stepmother turned in my direction and looked at me with horror.

Comment by Robertovels on 2022-06-05 07:12:41
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