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Oct 31, 2010 at 07:55 PM
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Comment by EarleSok on 2022-04-18 10:56:20
Damn, why is it so dark? Still not fully understanding what I was doing, I made some kind of complex movement with my right hand and a small light lit up in my palm, illuminating part of the space around. I wasn't even immediately surprised. Everything turned out very cleverly and almost automatically, as if I had done this a thousand times. I removed my hand. The flame remained hanging in the air. How strange, but I knew that this was how it should be. I tore my eyes away from the flames and looked down at my hands. The hands were almost ordinary - very neat clean palms, fingers, only they ended not with flat nails, but with short, hard, slightly blunt claws. And the skin tone, it was different. Not bodily, as expected, but gently light green. In a past life, this was definitely not the case. It was very unusual, but for some reason I still perceived my new hands as something natural, albeit requiring some explanation. I tore my eyes away from my palms and looked at my legs, bent one at the knee and tucked the other under me. The legs at first glance were ordinary, as they should be, but there was something wrong with them, and for some reason it was not possible to catch it from the back streets of memory. The skin is even, smooth, all of the same delicate light green shade, knees, feet, fingers, which by the way on the legs ended in ordinary flat human nails. The claws were only on the fingers. What is wrong with them? Apart from the color of course. And suddenly I began to slowly understand ... The skin of the legs is absolutely smooth, too smooth. Such legs seem to be in women. People are divided into men and women, and men should have different legs. This sudden realization, for some reason, greatly excited me. Memory began to rapidly, in fragments, throw up more and more fragments of memories from a past life. Men are larger than women, they grow hair on their arms, legs and face. In women, legs with arms are smoother, almost without hair, there is no hair at all on the face and chin. I ran my hand over my chin, the skin there was soft and smooth. So I'm a woman? For some reason, this thought excited me, that something was wrong again, again wrong, and I could not figure out what it was. Thoughts in my head randomly replaced one another, and the brain frantically tried to pull something useful out of them. So... people have a language of words. Men speak and think about themselves in special words, inflecting them in the masculine form, and women in the feminine. In what way do I think of myself? “I thought,” yes, that’s exactly the phrase I would refer to myself - this is a phrase in the masculine gender, so I’m a man? But I have such smooth legs, and my chin too. Does this happen to men? It seems no, or yes ... I don’t remember, I don’t know, I’m not sure, maybe. What else... Women usually have breasts, it's two hemispheres in the place where men's chests are even. Simultaneously with this thought, I suddenly felt with surprise a slight heaviness in the chest area. She had been there before, but until now she seemed quite normal to me. Already knowing, but still not believing, I touched my breasts. They were big and soft. I slightly lifted one breast with my hand, checking it for weight, then slowly moved my palm up. Fingers slid over the smooth skin, touched the nipple and it turned out to be unexpectedly pleasant. Somewhere in the lower abdomen appeared a strange, but pleasant sensation. So I'm definitely a girl, because men don't have boobs. Where did I know this for sure, or is it more correct to say I knew? Yes, that's probably how it should be done, otherwise this contradiction will drive me crazy. But... what is wrong after all... This thought gave rise to a chain of new memories. Guys and girls have sex with each other. Men touch women's breasts, they also have a penis between their legs, it is long and hard during sex, and girls have vaginas. Even before lowering my hand to the crotch, I felt something involuntarily tense there and begin to change shape. I touched my penis with my hand and wrapped my fingers around it. It turned out to be even more pleasant than stroking your breasts and nipple. Member continued to increase in my hand, pushing to the sides clasping him, tender greenish light green fingers with short claws. Member swollen, hardened and significantly stretched in length. At the very beginning, it was possible to clasp him with the fingers of one hand, but after he tensed, the claw on the index finger barely touched the claw on the thumb. From this thought, the member hardened even more and slightly expanded in diameter. The claws on the fingers no longer touch each other. The member stuck up at an angle and ended in a shiny head in the reflections of the flame, which now trembled in the air at the level of the nipples. Member was just huge. As spellbound, I ran my hand along the penis from the base to the end. When the fingers touched the head, the whole body struck a pleasant shiver. I bit my lip. An oily transparent droplet came out of the tip of the penis, increased, then trembled and slid down the penis, wetting my pale green fingers. 
- Here! And you didn’t believe that everything would work out for us, and you just have to wait! And I always knew and believed that you could, that you would give me a child!  
I went into the apartment, kissed Rita, and only then saw a tall girl, somewhat reminiscent of Rita. 
How do you like my teeth? he said and showed his fangs. 
Sasha found his shorts and, pulling them on, froze, listening to the front door. 
Are you staying with him overnight? 
I don’t want to read in the morning news that a citizen such and such was raped in the entrance of her own house. And how my conscience will then give me the opportunity to live in peace, it tortures me. I was too lazy to go up to the third floor, but I could have contributed to the happy deliverance of a woman from manic-minded citizens. And if I am not too lazy to accompany her to the apartment, she will reimburse me for the costs of physical strength by drinking coffee, or tea, or something else of my own choice. To the question of whether she was afraid of the emergence of manic desires in me, she replied that she trusted me. And so that I do not bother myself with violence, she herself will give. And looks into the eyes. A lantern hangs above the entrance canopy, illuminating the site. And in the light of this lantern, her face is clearly visible. And on the face of such an expression of expectation, requests and something else. I'm not a physiognomist, I can't describe exactly. It's wrong to refuse. Moreover, the words of the song came to mind: "If a woman asks ..." 
My name is Christina. I am 23 years old. I have a husband Oleg. We have been married for two years, there are no small ones. At this age, we already had difficulties in bed: little surprise, passion faded. Oleg began to behave like a gray-haired old fart (he doesn’t want to fuck on the table, he’s tired of BDSM, and sex is on schedule). With my fourth size, I did not know where to spend such a potential. And most importantly, why does he behave like this: a decent dick, hardy in bed. Just at such a difficult time, my sister and her fiance decided to come to me. Then everything happened.

Comment by JosephBitte on 2022-09-10 00:39:54
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Comment by Cindyangef on 2023-03-17 09:42:48
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Comment by Ellenfrush on 2023-04-02 20:36:05
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Comment by CharlesBIB on 2023-05-11 05:43:48
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Comment by DavidHef on 2023-05-26 21:46:13

Comment by Wesl_nrEl on 2023-09-04 19:22:21
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Comment by Vineri_dsEl on 2023-09-18 23:58:41
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Comment by Proizvodit_mgsa on 2023-11-01 23:32:37
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